Our Story: Italian Legend to Italian Luxury

When the time came to choose a name for our brand, using a founder’s surname was the traditional, expected, iconic choice, but our hearts led us elsewhere. Although fashion is our passion, we were drawn to naming our brand after one of the most beloved, most beautiful animals in the world: a horse. Could we do that? Yes, our hearts told us, but not just any breed would do. We wanted a horse breed that was powerful, handsome, intelligent, sophisticated, iconic, and Italian.

And so we chose Bardigiani—the name of our beloved legendary horse breed—and made it ours


Our Legend: A Symbol of Strength, Power & Elegance

The Bardigiano’s versatility and adaptability greatly inspires us. So does their history and classic stature. Strong and graceful, elegant and sophisticated. We wanted to continue their name’s legacy because they perfectly reflect our brand’s work ethic to be authentic and passionate.

Since our company began, we have worn, and continue to wear, the historic Bardigiani name with great pride. We will make this beloved breed proud!


Our Legacy: The Passing of the Torch

In 2018, our brand entered the world of luxury Ready-to-wear and leather goods. We balance contrasting qualities, showcasing an innovative perception of casual wear and accessories.

Our designs combine elements that usually conflict, yet it works and creates something unique.




Our “Made in Italy” workmanship creates casual designs and looks that blend intense power with stunning elegance. The pieces are supported by world-renown Italian production, a must-have in the quality pieces and design industry.

Over the years, we have kept the Bardigiani vision close to our hearts.
Focusing on main three particular qualities that inspired us…

Our Trinity: The Impeccable Italian Standard.

Bardigiani Endurance.

Our creations are built to endure the test of time. Our neutral-toned pieces are designed to endure and outlast fashion trends.

Create one-of-a-kind designs, using cotton, wool, and leather to showcase a unique style. These pieces will be treasured for many years to come.

Our designs exude immense strength with graceful elegance.

Our timeless pieces represent the strong yet gentle, elegant yet dynamic essence of the wearer.


Our Trinity: The Impeccable Italian Standard.

Bardigiani Excellence.

Italy is known worldwide for producing the highest quality fashion and design. Craft is considered an art and is given the utmost attention to detail.

Today Bardigiani is creating the most elegant items, having the highly coveted “Made in Italy” status. Designed and produced in Italy, our creations meet impeccably high Italian standards in the production process from start to finish. Italian craftsmanship is a must-have in each process of the creation of our items.