Making Fine Clothes and Accessories in Italy for 100 years

Bardigiani is a highly respected Italian fashion brand. With a history going back to Milan 1830. Bardigiani has dressed the smartest men with perfectly tailored Italian fashion for over a century. These days it is the choice of great men and stylish women around the world. 

One of the great “Made In Italy” brands Bardigiani has stayed true to the values of style, luxury, and quality.  Our manufacture and quality control ARE AND ALWAYS WILL BE SECOND TO NONE. We make clothes of true quality, the equal of any maker worldwide. “


Bardigiani uses small family-owned Italian manufacturers for its outsourced production and where possible articles are made by hand or finished by hand by Italian Craftsmen. 

Bardigiani is a name derived from a rare and elegant breed of Italian horse, from the region of Emilia Romagna. The same region that brings you other world leaders in quality Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Pagani and Ducati. 

Be the Best. Be Bardigiani. 

Italo Bardigiani 

For several years Bardigiani has been producing a range of women’s tailoring and accessories, we are pleased to say that 2022 will see a considerable expansion in both women’s and menswear divisions. 

Our Fabrics and cloth simply feel better.

All garments are made in Italy from Italian fabrics. 

Barigiani works with the best suppliers of Italian fabrics and fittings to bring your true quality and fit. Our cloths last longer are made stronger and look a world apart from most store bought items.

Bardigiani has been a trendsetter in Italy for over a century. The business has steadily grown while never letting go of its core values, the quality of manufacture and the materials are easily as good as brands costing many times more. When somebody wears these clothes they are saying I know the difference between quality and price, I know the difference between style and fashion, I know the difference between elegance and extravagance. That is the Bradigiani buyer. 


Bardigiani used to be an Italian secret, known to some of the most important and influential Italians alone, now the brand has ambitions and sites around the globe, and with the core values that many others have lost  Bradigiani is set to conquer all before it. 

If you would like to find your nearest store or online supplier please feel free to get in contact and we will be happy to point you in the correct direction.